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Harlow Cuadra Trial and Sentence trial and sentencing

29Nov/104:03 AM

Harlow Cuadra Appeals to PA Supreme Court

WILKES-BARRE – A man convicted of killing Bryan Kocis, of Dallas Township, and sentenced to life in prison for the January 2007 murder, has appealed his sentence and conviction to the state Supreme Court.

Harlow Cuadra, 29, of Virginia, filed court papers last week stating he is appealing his sentence and conviction that was upheld in October by the state Superior Court. Cuadra filed the papers through his attorney, Demetrius Fannick. TimesLeader

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19Oct/1012:58 AM

Pennsylvania Superior Court upholds Harlow Cuadra's Conviction

A Federal Judge in New York has established legal precedence holding that the constitutional right to legal counsel includes the right to counsel of your choosing. This legal precedence was upheld by The Federal Court of Appeals in New York. However, as we all know,

There is a big difference between Federal Court in New York and these little Pennsylvania State Courts. Counter to the Ruling of a Federal Judge upheld by a Federal Court of Appeals that the constitutional right to legal counsel includes the right to counsel of your choosing (in the infamous KMPG Tax Case), Superior Court in Pennsylvania had upheld Harlow Cuadra's conviction claiming that

Judge Peter Olszewski’s rulings before and during Cuadra’s trial were “well detailed and well-reasoned.”. Timesleader

You may recall that Peter Olszewski was rejected by voters for a new judicial term after a photograph surfaced if him with Disgraced Judge Conahan at Conahan's little Florida Condo, a Condo purchased with ill gotten gains from The Kids For Cash Scandal.

Almost everyone involved in Harlow Cuadra's and Joseph Kerekes' prosecutions have either been directly or indirectly linked to Former Judge Conahan's Racketeering Enterprise. And yet, some how the Superior Court in PA can claim that convictions from Luzerne County Court were fair and reasoned.

Everyone convicted of a crime by Luzerne County Court while Conahan and Ciavarella were in charge will eventually get their convictions over turned.

02Oct/106:54 PM

Bryan The Thing Kocis. It's Alive!

Blog Entry Dated May 23 2008. Video proof that The Severed Head of Bryan Kocis grew eight legs and attacked some 15 year old boys riding motorbikes. Bryan Kocis is The Thing. It's Alive! Read More ...

02Oct/106:09 PM

Jarratt Moody Say What Again

Blog Entry Dated 19th February 2009. Our Fake Interview with Harlow Cuadra, which Cuadra uploaded to his blog, contained the dailymotion clip of Jarratt Moody's amazing rendition of a scene from the movie Pulp Fiction titled "Say What Again". Read More ...

Uploaded by sabotage. - Arts and animation videos.
02Oct/106:05 PM

Marlow Cuadra to Star in Clockwork Orange Remake

Blog Entry Dated 2nd January 20082nd January 2008. Marlow Cuadra, Harlow Cuadra's Evil Twin, is in discussions to star in a remake of the movie A Clockwork Orange.  Read More ...
02Oct/105:59 PM

Adult Producer Flava Works Sues The City of Miami

Blog Entry Dated 7th October 2007. Gay Adult Producer Flavaworks / has sued The City of Miami after the city ordered the company to cease producing adult content from a residential home.  Bryan Kocis ran Cobra Video out of the basement of a residential house in Luzerne County.  Read More ...
02Oct/105:55 PM

Joe Francis joins ranks of Blogging Defendants

Blog Entry Dated 21st September 2007. "Girls Gone Wild" producer Joe Francis has joined the ranks of Blogging Defendants. Blogging Defendants is a growing trend according to a recent blog post on the Law Blog of the Wall Street Journal. Read More ...
02Oct/105:50 PM

Brother of Harlow Cuadra Pleads For Legal Aid

Blog Entry Dated Sep 20 2007. A video of Harlow Cuadra's little brother David that showed up briefly on youtube seeking contributions to Harlow Cuadra's Legal Defense Fund has surfaced on MySpace. Read More ...
02Oct/105:44 PM

Out Magazine does The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal

Blog Entry Dated Sep 5 2007. I read somewhere that Out Magazine pays its writers by the word. Well, the article by Michael Joseph Gross about The Bryan Kocis Murder ("The Murder That Rocked The Porn World") reads like it was written by someone who was being paid by the word. The only thing so far that I find of any interest at all about Gross' article is this photograph of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes as Gentlemen of the Manor, the photo is the gayest thing I've yet to see associated with Joe and Harlow.  Read More ...
25Sep/106:29 PM

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