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30Sep/106:11 AM

Video: Texting While Driving Now Illegal In Mass.

Massachusetts drivers who text behind the wheel are facing a new state law with hefty fines as the state joins the nationwide move to limit distracted driving.
30Sep/105:00 AM

Video: Wang Says U.S.-China Trade Bill 'Unlikely to Become Law'

Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Wang Qing, managing director of Morgan Stanley Asia, talks about the proposed U.S. bill to increase trade tariffs on Chinese imports. He speaks with Maryam Nemazee on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown."
29Sep/107:07 PM

Video: Advisory board votes to expand medical marijuana

kob eyewitness news 4 is there as major changes are recommended for the state's medical marijuana program. today the cannabis advisory board voted to expand the state's program. kayla anderson minute thumbnail 05:08 pm went to santa fe to hear that decision. she's now live in downtown albuquerque with what unfolded. the secretary of the department of health still has to sign off on those changes. but the recommendations the advisory board made today were met with a roomful of applause. this santa fe auditorium was full of people-- passionate about the state's medical marijuana program. "we are not going to be able to protect the patients here in new mexico until cannabis is removed from schedule one." bryan krumm-- got a round of applause for the petition he's filed with the federal government. he's demanding that marijuana be removed as a schedule one drug-- which means it has no medical benefits.
29Sep/1012:42 AM

Video: Brown-Whitman Debate: Illegal Immigration

California governor candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman discuss their stances on illegal immigration.
28Sep/1010:07 PM

Video: SCC Supes Ban New Medical Pot Clinics

Santa Cruz County Supervisors voted Tuesday to put a ban on new medical marijuana dispensaries.
28Sep/109:36 PM

Video: Gender pay gap continues despite new law

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – The latest numbers show the gap between women's salaries and those of their male counterparts has narrowed but only by about two pennies and hour.
28Sep/108:48 AM

Video: Security Guard Licensing, Child Support

In depth -- your legal questions answered. FOX 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico is here to answer your questions. In today's segment, he offers information on obtaining a security guard license, a child support claim against an unemployed mother, failure for a Calif. mortgage company to recognize a Texas divorce decree and enforcing a repair agreement with a contracted plumber.
28Sep/106:37 AM

Video: Alcohol Law Frustrates Shops, Consumers

Consumers and liquor store owners say they're frustrated by an Indiana law that requires carding, regardless of age.
27Sep/104:36 PM

Video: Basilica Suspends Artist for DVD Project

Basilica of St. Mary Artist in Residence Lucinda Naylor was suspended Saturday after posting her intention on Facebook to turn anti gay marriage DVDs into an art project.
27Sep/108:34 AM

Video: Texting, Driving Ban To Start

A new Massachusetts law banning texting while driving will take effect Sept. 30, 2010.
27Sep/107:01 AM

Video: Kratz Hearing To Happen Monday

Diane Pathieu reports.
27Sep/103:56 AM

Video: "Sister Wives" program could lead to legal trouble

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A very unconventional Utah family is thrust into the national spotlight tonight in the premiere of TLC's "Sister Wives". One man is married to four women, and he fathered more than a dozen children. The show follows a polygamist family as they pursue their fourth sister wife. But, polygamy is illegal in America.
25Sep/105:20 PM

Video: First Execution in California in Four Years

A judge lifts a moratorium on the death penalty in California. That clears the way for the first execution in the state in four years. A convicted killer from Fresno was one of the last people put to death by lethal injection before the judge halted the practice.
23Sep/109:37 PM

Video: New Tennessee Supreme Court ruling helps fired workers

22Sep/1011:36 PM

Video: Student Not Allowed on Homecoming Court Because of Dredlocks

22Sep/1011:16 PM

Video: Gay Adoption Ruling

22Sep/107:24 AM

Video: High Court Clears Way for Va. Woman's Execution

A Virginia woman convicted of two hired killings is scheduled to die by injection Thursday and become the first woman put to death in Virginia in nearly a century, after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to block her execution. (Sept. 22)
21Sep/108:03 PM

Video: Supreme Court Tosses Civil Case in Student Slaying

The Idaho Supreme Court has thrown out a lawsuit filed against an eastern Idaho school district...
21Sep/106:48 AM

Video: Lady Gaga Rallies On Behalf Of Gays In Military

Singer Lady Gaga joined a Servicemembers Legal Defense Network event near the University of Southern Maine's Portland campus Monday to speak against the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," policy.
20Sep/109:04 PM

Video: Ethics of prescribing medical marijuana

If measure passes, it will allow doctors to prescribe 2 1/2 ounces of the drug every two weeks.