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Harlow Cuadra Live! Blog ClipSyndicate Travel

30Sep/108:54 AM

Video: Taking a Fall Trip Through New York

29Sep/1011:47 PM

Video: Book Your Flight on Facebook

The Akron-Canton Airport allows travelers to book their flights on the airport's Facebook page! Fox 8's Suzanne Stratford has more on this social media first...
29Sep/106:12 AM

Video: Travel prices fall during autumn months

Travel prices fall during autumn months
28Sep/1010:15 AM

Video: Travel Leaders

Connie Miller and Dora Bitsos talk about Honeymoon vacations!
28Sep/108:55 AM

Video: Fall travel deals: Where to get bargains

A lot of us treat fall like squirrels, we gather some food, stay close to home, and brace for the winter. But if you can't manage to take a little time off, fall is actually a sensational time to travel -- with deals galore out there.
27Sep/106:34 PM

Video: Southwest, AirTran Deal May Change Milwaukee Travel

Southwest agreed to buy AirTran in a $1.4 billion deal that will combine two of the country's largest low-fare airlines and give Southwest a bigger slice of the market.
27Sep/107:57 AM

Video: Stressed? Use your vacation time.

The results are in from a study on stressed Americans who never truly get away while on vacation�-and they aren't that surprising. Stress, for a variety of reasons, keeps many less inclined to really relax. A study from the Westin Hotel Group who, for obvious reasons, really wants people to relax and get away, found more than half the workers they surveyed failed to take all their vacation days. "They're too busy�, said Nancy London, a Vice President with Westin Hotels. �They're often doing the job of two and three people in the aftermath of cutbacks and they're simply too stressed out to get time away" The research did find many benefits to leaving work at work, even if just for an extended weekend. "The overwhelming majority says that when they do get away, they feel healthier, they eat better, they sleep better and when they get back to work, they're far more productive", said London. The best advice possible: start planning your next time off the day you return you work.
24Sep/107:42 AM

Video: Singapore Bets on Formula 1 to Become Global Leisure Hub

Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Haslinda Amin reports from Singapore on the country's tourism aspirations ahead of this weekend's third annual Formula One Grand Prix.
23Sep/102:46 PM

Video: KHM Travel: Alaska

We have all the details on a fantastic cruise to Alaska!
23Sep/103:54 AM

Video: Ryanair Plans to Fly to Major Airports as Growth Slows

Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Daniel Lester reports on Ryanair Holdings Plc's plans to open routes to all major European airports bar the top three, London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt am Main.
21Sep/1011:59 PM

Video: Luxury Barging in France

Colorado-based travel journalist Ron Stern reports.
20Sep/108:46 PM

Video: How to Buy Airline Tickets

Fly the friendly skies without your wallet taking a wallop.
20Sep/1011:23 AM

Video: It's Time to Buy Holiday Plane Tickets

Holiday season may seem like weeks away, but if you're planning to get our of town, now is the time to buy those tickets. Paying for holiday travel this year may not put many travelers in a holiday mood. Several airfare watchers are warning that tickets for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel will be pricier than last year.
20Sep/105:33 AM

Video: Advocates Say N.C.'s Wild Horses at Risk

A boom in vacation homes in this remote place has seen the descendants of colonial Spanish mustangs confined to a 7,500-acre sanctuary on the no. tip of North Carolina's Outer Banks, and now the herd itself may shrink along with its habitat. (Sept. 20)
15Sep/107:05 AM

Video: Top 10 Lost Civilizations

Find out who the greatest civilizations of antiquity were.
14Sep/105:46 PM

Video: How To Play Road-Trip Games

Banish the all-too-familiar whine of "Are we there yet?" by keeping everyone in the car, young and old, occupied with these fun road-trip games.
14Sep/108:22 AM

Video: What's the best time to fly with babies?

Travel experts say you should avoid red-eye flights. A meltdown at 2 p.m. is much easier for other passengers to tolerate than a meltdown at 2 a.m.
13Sep/109:03 PM

Video: Bend Says Goodbye To Profitable Summer

NewsChannel 21's Mackenzie Wilson reports on area businesses doing better than expected during the summer tourism season.
13Sep/106:05 PM

Video: Martin Co. tourism

Martin Co. tourism
11Sep/109:01 AM

Video: Tampa flight diverted on 9/11

A woman was taken into FBI custody after being taken of a Tampa flight.