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Harlow Cuadra Live! Movies Movies via ClipSyndicate

25Sep/106:42 PM

Surprise Surprise


Find out the new meaning of the word 'family' in Surprise Surprise from director *person145084. TLA Video

24Sep/109:01 PM

Video: Gay Film Festival Features Movie On Gays In Military

Cinema Diverse, a gay film festival in Palm Springs, is featuring a movie on Don't Ask, Don't Tell as the issue is ruled on in court.
24Sep/101:43 PM

Video: Zombie Roadkill

Zombie Roadkill
24Sep/101:42 PM

Video: Fantastic Fest 2010

Fantastic Fest 2010
24Sep/1012:39 PM

Video: Friday's Chat - Extra!

Your "Pet Peeve" Talk Back! ... Manny The Movie Guy!
24Sep/1011:52 AM

Video: West movies on the move

Aaron "Laff at the Movies" Lafferty reveals what's West and what's hot at the theater
23Sep/102:49 PM

Video: KXAN interviews for Let Me In premiere

KXAN's Kate Weidaw interviews Chloe Moretz (“Kick-Ass”), Kodi Smit-McPhee, stars of the child-vampire thriller "Let Me In," which premieres Sept. 23 in Austin at Fantastic Fest 2010
23Sep/101:43 PM

Video: Fantastic Fest

Fantastic Fest
23Sep/105:48 AM

Video: Blockbuster video

Blockbuster Video
20Sep/103:54 PM

Video: Friday Flicks: The career of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sara Voorhees takes us through the blossoming career of Joseph Gordon-Levitt from a child in the "River Runs Through It" to the point man for Leonardo DiCaprio in the new film "Inception."
20Sep/108:17 AM

Video: All Acess: Box Office Report

The Town, the cops and robbers movie starring Ben Affleck, was #1 at the box office this weekend taking in $23.8 million. The film has received very positive reviews. Affleck, who starred in and directed the movie, should be happy with these numbers. This is the second film Affleck has directed. The first film he directed, Gone Baby Gone, starring his brother Casey Affleck, similarly received positive reviews.
17Sep/1010:40 AM

Video: Manny the Movie Guy

Manny give his thoughts on Ben Affleck's new movie The Town.
17Sep/1010:35 AM

Video: D.B. Sweeney & John McGinley

D.B. Sweeney & John McGinley visit Mike to talk about new movie Two Tickets to Paradise.
17Sep/109:29 AM

Video: INSTY- Mark Dubec

Mark goes to the Toronto Film festival and reviews the big buzz movies and well as the movies coming out this weekend in thethers and DVD
16Sep/102:01 PM

Video: 20-year-old unsolved massacre in theaters

a 20-year-old unsolved new mexico massacre hits the big screen in albuquerque. a documentary called "a nightmare in las cruces" is playing at the century 14 downtown on central today only. the first showing started about 30 minutes ago... and the showings will last until nine tonight. minute thumbnail 12:02 pm in febrary 1990 ... two gunmen shot seven people execution style at a las cruces bowling alley... killing four of them. the documentary's director and producer will speak to audiences at the theater during the last three shows.
08Sep/105:25 PM

Video: Clearwater aquarium closed

The Clearwater aquarium will be closed for the filming of a Dolphin's tale starring our local celebrity Winter the Dolphin.
07Sep/102:10 PM

Video: Hollywood Happenings

Entertainment Reporter Jim Ferguson joins us on set every week to discuss Hollywood Happenings and upcoming movies.