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Harlow Cuadra Live! Movies Movies via TLA Video

25Sep/107:10 PM

Major Hardon by Harlow Cuadra

Major Hardon is a gay adult video produced and directed by Harlow R. Cuadra. The movie stars Harlow Cuadra's partner Joseph Kerekes. The cast includes: Joseph Kerekes, Justin, Jason, Seth.

25Sep/107:08 PM

Boy Splatter by Harlow Cuadra

Boy Splatter is the gay adult video produced and directed by Harlow R. Cuadra. The cast includes: Josh, Steve, Donovan, Brandon, Jake, Riley.

25Sep/107:03 PM

Harlow Cuadra in Young Bucks In Heat

Harlow Cuadra stars in the gay adult movie Young Bucks In Heat which was produced and director by Cuadra. The cast includes: Harlow R. Cuadra, Mason Banks, Bryan Ashlin, Matt Chaz, Brennon Taylor .

25Sep/106:49 PM


"In this Oscar®-nominated epic thriller from Steven Spielberg, A former Mossad agent (Eric Bana) is secretly recruited by the Israeli government to head a team to assassinate the Palestinian terrorists who plotted the murder of 11 athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games." Munich
25Sep/106:49 PM

Skins: Volume 2

"It's been six months since Tony's collision with a bus - remarkably, he isn't dead, but he sure isn't the same person. Sid can't get his head around the fact that his best mate is a shadow of the man he's always looked up to. And to top it off he finally got the girl, Cassie, only to have her whisked off to Scotland. Sod's law! Michelle is lost without Tony, too. Maxxie's got hell at home because his Dad doesn't want him to follow his dream of being a dancer. Even Anwar has changed since he bagged himself a secret girlfriend. Jal is throwing off the good girl image and letting her hair down. While party animal Chris is stepping out on his own. And while all around is falling apart, it's Effy who's taking control." Skins: Volume 2
25Sep/106:49 PM

The Reader

"A teenager and a woman twice his age fall in love during WWII. Their affair, of course, involves him reading to her. Years later, during the Nazi War Trials, they cross paths again... this time, she's a defendant. Maybe he can read her some Miranda rights." The Reader
25Sep/106:49 PM

American Swing

"With all kinds of groping and grinding, tits and asses of all shapes and sizes and a whole bunch of interviews with peopke you have and haven't heard of, American Swing is a sweet love letter to the sinful '70s that'll have you digging up your time machine sketches. Goddamn do we want to go back there! See, back before 'The Man' was such a fking anti-sex dickhead, 'he' allowed this rocking ass swingers club to thrive in the heart of New York where $25 got you inside to watch all kinds of people make the fk, jerk off into pools, grope hot titties and, yes, even enjoy a nice buffet. Plenty of people who were there reminisce about how fking awesome it was, but the highlight is all the pictures and footage they were able to dig up of people fking, chicks hanging out with glorious natural tits on display for all to see, graphic groping, some slit whots and more. Some of these tits are absolutely amazing and some are attached to fat chicks... but we like fat chicks." American Swing
25Sep/106:49 PM

Mister Foe

"A troubled Scottish teen still traumatized by the suicide of his mother runs away to Glasgow and falls into an Oedipal love affair in this intoxicating coming-of-age story with the dark passion and desperate romanticism of Trainspotting." Mister Foe
25Sep/106:49 PM


"In this new comedy from director Larry Charles (Borat, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'), comedian and TV host Bill Maher ('Real Time with Bill Maher,' 'Politically Incorrect') takes a pilgrimage across the globe on a mind-opening journey into the ultimate taboo: questioning religion. Meeting the high and low from different religions, Maher simply asks questions, like 'Why is faith good?' 'Why doesn't an all-powerful God speak to us directly?' and 'How can otherwise rational people believe in a talking snake?' For anyone who's even a little spiritually curious, this divine entertainment will deepen your comedy!" Religulous
25Sep/106:49 PM


Hundred year old vampires in high school. Twilight

25Sep/106:49 PM

The Wrestler

"Mickey Rourke gives the performance of a lifetime as an aging wrestler who must come to terms with the end of his career, and try to reconnect with his estranged daughter (Evan Rachel Wood). As his romantic interest, Marisa Tomei plays an exotic dancer, also at the end of her career.

In addition to all of the award-nominated heartbreaking performances, celebrity skin fans will find heaven in the amazing nudie scenes offered up by the aging-like-a-bottle-of-fine-wine Marisa Tomei." The Wrestler

25Sep/106:49 PM

Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

"Those pervy Fascists sure knew how to live! Now, we're not condoning it or anything, but what better way to use your brutal political authority than to round up all of the fresh young teens of the town and use them as your own personal cum receptacle/punching bags. There are tons of nude scenes, rape scenes, extreme torture, pissing, shit-eating (that's Renata Moar on the oh-so-tasteful DVD cover, just after eating a spoonful)... you name it, these Mussolini-lovers did it. Extremely perverted!" Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
25Sep/106:49 PM

Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In
"A fragile, anxious boy, 12-year-old Oskar is regularly bullied by his stronger classmates but never strikes back. The lonely boy's wish for a friend seems to come true when he meets Eli, also 12, who moves in next door to him with her father. A pale, serious young girl, she only comes out at night and doesn't seem affected by the freezing temperatures.

Coinciding with Eli's arrival is a series of inexplicable disappearances and murders. One man is found tied to a tree, another frozen in the lake, a woman bitten in the neck. Blood seems to be the common denominator - and for an introverted boy like Oskar, who is fascinated by gruesome stories, it doesn't take long before he figures out that Eli is a vampire. But by now a subtle romance has blossomed between Oskar and Eli, and she gives him the strength to fight back against his aggressors. Oskar becomes increasingly aware of the tragic, inhuman dimension of Eli's plight, but cannot bring himself to forsake her. Frozen forever in a twelve-year-old's body, with all the burgeoning feelings and confused emotions of a young adolescent, Eli knows that she can only continue to live if she keeps on moving. But when Oskar faces his darkest hour, Eli returns to defend him the only way she can.

Swedish filmmaker Tomas Alfredson weaves friendship, rejection and loyalty into a disturbing and darkly atmospheric, yet poetic and unexpectedly tender tableau of adolescence. The feature is based on the best-selling novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

'A spectacularly moving and elegant movie, and to dismiss it into genre-hood, to mentally stuff it into the horror pigeonhole, is to overlook a remarkable film.' - John Anderson, Washington Post

'Let the Right One In is one of the essential horror films of the decade. It's also one of the most enthralling romances and one of the best films about children.' - Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

'Funny, fear-inducing, with periods of voyeuristic gore and an undercurrent of anxiety and dread, Let the Right One In is up there with the bloodsucking classics.' - Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

Rated R for some bloody violence including disturbing images, brief nudity and language."

25Sep/106:49 PM


"John Patrick Shanley adapts his own play about a concerned nun (Meryl Streep) who suspects that a high-ranking priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has been sexually abusing one of his students. The story is much more complex than that, of course... you'll have to see it yourself for all the twists and turns! Surprisingly, this is Shanley's first turn as director since Joe vs. the Volcano." Doubt
25Sep/106:49 PM


"Absolutely riveting, this biopic of America's first openly gay major elected official, from his groundbreaking accomplishments to his tragic death, won Oscars® for the writer, Dustin Lance Black, and star Sean Penn." Milk
25Sep/106:49 PM

Slumdog Millionaire

"A poor boy finds himself climbing the ladder of India's 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.' But when the taping of the show ends, he's accused of cheating, because he couldn't possibly be that smart... could he? He's not there for the money anyway; he's there to prove himself in the eyes of a friend who watches the show religiously. Everyone seems to love this film!" Slumdog Millionaire
25Sep/106:42 PM


"Powerfully evoking the sweetness of first love, Watercolors is the story of a tragic and very passionate love between two teenage boys." TLA Video
25Sep/106:42 PM

The Matthew Shepard Story

"Stockard Channing stars in The Matthew Shepard Story, an excellent Lifetime film (the network for women and gay men) as Judy Shepard, mother of Matthew, a young gay man who was beaten to death and who has become a symbol of gay hate crimes everywhere.

In 1998, a young gay man by the name of Matthew Shepard was robbed, viciously beaten and left tied to a fence to die. This film recounts the events leading up to the attack, the attack itself, the trial and the after-effects on the Shepard family and Laramie, Wyoming. While this TV movie bites off more than it can chew, it's a moving story that needs to be told, and re-told, and told again. Have some tissues handy and enjoy Stockard Channing's performance, she chew's up the screen."TLA Video

25Sep/106:42 PM


"Unabashedly romantic and authentically erotic, Aureaus Solito's Boy (*product236511) is a gentle and loving coming-of-age tale that is sure to melt your heart and heat your libido." TLA Video
25Sep/106:42 PM

Calendar Boy

"*person59704 pulled out all the stops with his latest project! He gathered all his hottest boys, hired a great photographer and made a 2011 calendar you'll never forget. Like the *product305025 folks, he's recorded the whole thing on film, so you'll get to be up-close and personal as these boys are readied for their 'fluffed-up' calendar pages. Unlike the European athletes, Toby's boys are not only naked, they're hard and ready for sex."TLA Video